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local writer and artist Kimmy VanKooten

Kimmy Van Kooten, first and foremost, is a wife and mother of 11 children. She spends what little free time she has, "freelancing" her poetry, short stories, pen and ink drawings, photography and graphic design works,while incorporating God, her family life, growing up on the farm , trials of life, nature, romance and a little humor of course!

"I like the variety in life, seen through my eyes of everything I write, draw or aim at..."

From the Upper Lake in northern New Jersey, to the lower Lehigh Valley in Allentown, the sands of Daytona Beach and, now...
the quiet and quaint Saint Augustine, Florida, Kimmy has been inspired! She is "the 7th child of 16, so, to find a hiding place to collect
a bit of silence in some little nook, was and still is her quest, yes, even with her brood"!

Kimmy Van Kooten's poetry, art, and photography has appeared in many periodicals including, AC PAPA, Limelight Libertine, Poetry Life and Times, Thumbnail Magazine, Outsider Writers, Incantations in Blue, Hoi Polloi~ A Literary Journal for the Rest of Us, Mississippi Crow Magazine, Taj Mahal Review, Future Earth Magazine, and FM Magazine, and its' online predecessor, Furthur Monthly. Her poetry has also been published in several books, to wit, AC PAPA, Chris Bodor, editor) Poet Plant Press 2014)The Attic, A Collection of Facebook Poetry (Katarzyna Boczon-Dobbie, editor, Kasia Books 2010) and Employees Only- The Work Book (Poet Plant Press 2013, Chris Bodor, editor) which also includes her pen and ink drawing ' A Hobo In The Forest'. She also illustrated two recent children's books Dawnie Chips by Douglas P. Smith (Avenue U Publications 2012) and To Thine Own Self Be True by Roseanne Terranova Cirigliano (Avenue U Publications 2012).

Kimmy has written a book of poetry, art, and photography called, "Peace of Language" published by Lewis Frederick Crystal with Avenue U Publications, Doylestown, PA.

Kimmy also illustrates children's books, with the following two being her most recent:

"Dawnie Chips" by Douglas P. Smith (Avenue U Publications 2012) and
"To Thine Own Self Be True" by Roseanne Terranova Cirigliano (Avenue U Publications 2012).

Last year she was involved in a  collaborative effort for ComposureFest...a tone poem, based on her poetry  and music composed in tonal harmony by Dr. Thomas Harrison, Chairperson of the Division of Music, and Professor of Commercial Music and Recording with faculty and students of Jacksonville University, and guest conductor, Dr. Timothy Snyder, along with Dr. Marguerite Richardson who conducted for the many weeks prior to the choir being merged.

(This is the poem they sing)

"Swoon Into the Night on the St. Johns"

Acold in darkness
creeping in. . .running
auld, in orangeness, on the St. Johns
Eventide, call it a day!

Sinking silently,
I'm barely breathing  
Behind the rivers' edge, stunned, unscathing
of a constituency where I've lived

Casting chroma,
slow ripples shim  
breaking into, the coolness that reaches our dampened limbs

Dangling, from this old dock
submerged in babbling
Shadowy smoothness, on moving ruffles . . .
Cadenced in waiving, vibrating uphill's!

The river ridges, forged in propagation
A flow in felling from aphasic sundowns
And alight of the South speaks voiceless on Spanish moss
Sun glistening watch fire! O' flowerless spores!

Hang freely
from majestic oaks and aged old cypress  
Suffocating in an echelon, like a pecking order
Ah. . .The entity of life!

Celled in living, among the living
Bluer waters meet partial twilight,
in faint, complexioned. . .
No heat, but lightning

On the St. Johns, swoon into the night

Written by Kimmy Van Kooten
(Published in FM Summer 2013 Vol IV Number II, a publication of Avenue U, editor Lewis Crystal)

Kimmy returned to college, but that is nothing extraordinary.  However, both her daughter and grand daughter were enrolled and attending classes at the same time.  Three generations attending college together is extraordinary.

MOST recently this past May 17, 2015 , with the Friends of the St. Augustine Amphitheater (FOSAA,) and the 2nd annual Children’s Arts Festival, Kimmy offered "Create a nature painting" class where over 200 children participated as they painted with all of nature's paintbrushes. They had honeycombs from bees, and feathers from birds, pine needle brushes, and all sorts of stamp designs with acorns and sea sponge. It was another year of fun for all!

Kimmy is a founding members of Ancient City Poets. We all meet every last Sunday of the month from 3:00-5:00pm at City Coffee in St Augustine.

See Kimmy's Author Page at:

art by Kimmy VanKooten
art by Kimmy VanKooten
art by Kimmy VanKooten
art of hearts by Kimmy VanKooten
black and white art by Kimmy VanKooten
black and white art by Kimmy VanKooten
black and white art by Kimmy VanKooten
frog art by Kimmy VanKooten
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