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Jazzy Blue
Local Musician Jazzy Blue at the keyboard
Jazzy Blue moved to St. Augustine from the U.S. and British Virgin Islands where he had been playing full time for the last 16 years. He lived on St. Croix, USVI.  His friends in St. Augustine suggested he should come here.  “They said it is a wonderful community of caring ‘artsy’ people.  They were right.  I moved here at the end of July and have been working to break into the music scene.”

Jazzy Blue the One Man Band plays keyboard and sings in a soulful, passionate and powerful, baritone voice.  You will thoroughly enjoy hearing this man sing.  He splits the keyboard and plays bass with his left hand, chords and solos with his right hand.  Jazzy can use accompaniment tracks, drum machine, or play piano/vocals.  Among Jazzy’s recordings are his latest CD’s:  “You Should’a Told Me”, a studio recording of the original Jazzy Blue Band.  It is a compilation of primarily original material of the blues genre; “That Ain’t All I Wanna Say” is a compilation of 10 originals of the blues, country, and Caribbean genres;  and “Cowboy Blue” is a collection of 18 of his favorite Country songs.

Jazzy hails from Buffalo, NY where he was born and raised.  He began singing as the result of a (spiritual) conversion experience over the 20 years ago.  He had never sung in public before but knew he was “called” to do so after his conversion.  In gospel music, he worked with high caliber musicians such as saxophonist Andrew Woolfolk of Earth Wind and Fire fame, as well as Star Paroadi-Fair who was the female keyboardist on the Arsenio Hall Show.  These musicians collaborated on Jazzy’s 4th gospel recording project.

Sensing a “call” to broaden the range of potential venues in which to perform, Jazzy answered a newspaper ad by a band looking for an organist.  The ad was placed by Handy Award nominee Bobby Parker (RIP) and his Blues Night Band.  After apprenticing with Bobby for about a year, Jazzy started his own blues band, The Jazzy Blue Band.  They played several years in the D.C. area.  In 1998 Jazzy was recruited by multiple Handy Awards winner and Living Blues Award winner Big Jack Johnson (RIP) and the Oilers, to travel as organist and opening act with them on their European Tour.  This tour took Jazzy to Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and Luxembourg.  These experiences and a 1995 tour to Australia convinced him to begin building his music business to play full time.  So in the summer of 2000, he “quit his day job” (again) and took off to the Virgin Islands to play full time.  He had played several short engagements there before.

Jazzy says “I’ve had nine lives” when asked about the many “hats” he’s worn so far in life.  He holds an advanced degree in Theology, and he was 3 classes short of an M.A. in Cross Cultural Studies (China) when the “perpetual student” ran out of steam.  He has been Pastor of 2 churches; a Fireman in the U.S. Air Force; and trained for 2 years as a welder by a major corporation (welded for 7 years);  a mobile and overhead crane operator.  Then, began the “university” years when he was an Academic Advising Coordinator for graduate students in International Affairs programs.  His last position before leaving to do music full time was Coordinator of Student Affairs at a major law school.  He enjoyed it all but is thrilled to now be performing for you full time.

Jazzy has greatly broadened his repertoire to include Soul, R&B, Oldies, some Classic Rock/Pop, and Caribbean genres.  He can deliver a Country performance as well.  He enjoys both public and private engagements and would love to talk with you about your upcoming event.

youtube.com (jazzyblueband)

Local Musician Jazzy Blue
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